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Given that SAFETY of the therapeutic process for patients begins with a correct prescription and ends with correct administration, Lūg Healthcare Technology offers an integral System for: Prescription, Pharmaceutical Validation, Preparation and Administration.


End to end IV Workflow management software including compliant compounding, quality control and patient administration.


Integrated software to manage delivery of medicines to patients home including reordering, patient receipt and logistics management.


Electronic prescription management with integration to Traza IV Workflow.


Unit dose dispensing robot that produces patient-specific sealed and secure medication packets.


Clinical Trial protocol management software ensuring documented support of pharmacy operations related to clinical trials.


Real-time dashboard and reporting tool for all Lūg applications.

Clients at Lūg

At Lūg we are dedicated to digitizing pharmacy operations to ensure patient safety and increase of clients operational efficiencies. Lūg clients have compounded and administered over 1,000,000 treatments with zero medication errors reaching the patient.

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1,000,000+ doses = ZERO errors

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