Assisted Electronic Prescription System

Lūg Prescribe assists in producing electronic prescriptions, in a secure and effective manner, from treatment instructions provided by the physician. It eliminates later transcriptions of these orders for hospitalized and ambulatory patients (outpatient clinic and emergency room).

The general process of electronic prescription covers the following steps:

1. Authentication of prescriber/user by name and password
2. Patient selection
3. Create a new prescription or modify an existing one
4. Review and accept/validate to proceed with the order

During this process, Lūg Prescribe supports helping the decision making:

Advising on how to create comprehensive orders with legible and appropriate information

Optimizing the clinical process

Improving the work flow

Optimizing costs

Complying with established guidelines

Receiving relevant training for patient care

Once orders are approved, they are released to relevant pharmacy areas for immediate processing.