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Lug Healthcare Technology

Digital Pharmacy

We specialize in developing digital health solutions that ensure traceability, safety, efficiency, and quality for pharmacy processes. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of patients and staff combined with the correct and unequivocal administration of medications prescribed.


End to end IV Workflow management software including compliant compounding, quality control and patient administration.

Lug Traza

Integrated software to manage delivery of medicines to patients home including reordering, patient receipt and logistics management.

Lug @Home

Electronic prescription management with integration to Traza IV Workflow.

Lug Prescribe

Unit dose dispensing robot that produces patient-specific sealed and secure medication packets.

Lug Dispense

Clinical Trial protocol management software ensuring documented support of pharmacy operations related to clinical trials.

Lug Trials

Real-time dashboard and reporting tool for all Lug applications.

Lug IQ

Clients at Lug

At Lug we are dedicated to digitizing pharmacy operations to ensure patient safety and increase of clients operational efficiencies. Lug clients have compounded and administered over 1,000,000 treatments with zero medication errors reaching the patient.

Our products are uniquely designed

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#Coronavirus crisis: Lug, fully operational to support its customers

On the view of the health emergency that is arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as providers of health systems and services that we are, we would like to let you know that the Lug Healthcare Technology team continues to be fully operational to support all its clients. In parallel, we continue working to implement new systems to enable home delivery of drugs, avoiding the need to go to hospitals or pharmacies, and allowing patients to be permanently monitored by professionals of the sector, doctors and pharmacists.Our commitment with regards safety and professionals of the sector is today, and more than ever, our main aim. Lug will continue to strongly maintain all the efforts that are currently being put into force to face this health crisis and we would like to take this opportunity to show our support and to thank sincerely all the professionals who are working tirelessly to fight against this pandemic.As already said a few days ago, the Covid-19 is mobilizing researchers from large biopharmaceutical companies, and this has resulted in an unprecedented partnership. So far, and while we see the results of this unusual collaboration, we must remain firm in this fight, and in the part we are responsible for, guarantee the safety of patients and continue progressing towards new systems that will facilitate patient’s life and access to medication in such a complicated situation as the one we are living nowadays

Lug presents its solutions for hospital pharmacy in the UK (II)

On the other hand, Lug was also present at “The Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2018” event, which attended nearly 3,000 professionals, who attended the meeting to learn about the latest developments in the sector.

Lug presents its solutions for hospital pharmacy in the UK (I)

Lug Company was present in the “Reducing Medication Errors National Summit 2018” and “The Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2018” events (two of the main international events on Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy) that took place in London (UK) last April.

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