International Physicians Who Treat Waldenstrom's Patients

Find a WM specialist in your geographic area of interest. Hover over the indicator to display the name of the local WM specialist. Click on the indicator to display more information about that physician.  Multiple physicians in the same city may be shown in a larger pop-up window.  You may also select a physician from the list.


MJ Kersten Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thanos Dimopoulos Athens, Greece
Michele Ghielmini Bellinzona, Switzerland
Giampaolo Merlini Pavia, Italy
Pierre Morel Lens, France
Enrica Morra Milano, Italy
Charalampia Kyriakou London, UK
Shirley D'Sa London, UK
Ramon Garcia-Sanz Salamanca, Spain
Christian Buske Ulm, Germany
Veronique Leblond Paris, France
Arnaud Jaccard, Limoges, France
Loïc Ysebaert, Toulouse, France
Olivier Tournilhac, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Xavier Leleu, Lille, France
Edward Laane, Tallinn, Estonia
Artur Jurczyszyn, Kopernika, Poland