IV Compounding

Traza is the core of all Lūg solutions. It controls the entire process, from the inventory management, compounding preparations through sterile compounding, to final containers (syringes, bags, etc.) and administration to patients, offering absolute traceability and patient safety.

Traza can manage four key pharmacy processes:
A. Inventory Management
B. Sterile Compounding
C. Quality Control
D. Patient Administration
1. Reading drug barcodes
2. Prescription validations
3. Selecting doses, voice-assisted
4. Gravimetric and photo control
5. Label with barcode including all required information
6. Identification of nurse, patient, drug(s), and pump

Benefits of Lūg Traza are:

Prevents Medication Errors
Increases Safety and Quality
Supports Comprehensive Traceability

Comprehensive Patient-Focused Solutions for IV Operations, Processing and Data Management