Unit Dose Dispensing

Automated Dispensation of Medications in Unit Doses

Dispense is the next generation unit dose system that automates and integrates the identification, individually packages, and dispenses medications for inpatient populations.

Lūg Dispense increases the efficiency of drugs dispensation in unit doses. Dispense improves drug information management, reduces unit and pharmacy personnel time spent on manual tasks, manages drug use, and enforces hospital-related drug policies.

Dispense is comprised of three components: Processing, Storage, and Dispensing. The Processing and Storage components are located in the central pharmacy.

Processing: Located in the central pharmacy, this component receives drugs from manufacturers and separates them into individual doses and packs them in single product cartridges.
Storage: Central pharmacy located, this component arranges and stores the unit-dose cartridges in monitored racks for centralized delivery to the unit.
Dispensing: Located on the floor or unit and receives the individual drug cartridges. The Dispense unit picks each drug for a single patient and packages them in a sealed bag according to the patient’s prescription needs. Labeling and barcoding of the sealed bags ensures traceability and eliminates errors at the bedside when administering these medications.